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Go virtual.

It's time to upgrade that dusty binder. Digitize your minute book for quicker, easier updates and send files for review more efficiently. Save yourself some time and shelf space. Click below to request a virtual upgrade.

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Need something updated?

When something needs to be changed in your minute book, have us do the job. We can update directors, officers, addresses, and draft resolutions. Or if you're just getting started, we can make sure you have all the documents to incorporate your business. 

Minute book binders
Jurble automated scheduling system on tablet

Schedule a review.

Ready for an update? Book your minute book review using our online scheduling system. Pick the best time that works for you and we'll give you a call. 

Business owner asking Jurble for advice
Advice is nice. 

We're dedicated to the entrepreneurs of our community. That's why we're happy to help with obligation-free business advice. Send us an e-mail and see what we can help you accomplish. 

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